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Monday, March 05, 2007


i had a chance to install kubuntu the other day. i'm not really a fan of kde, but i wanted an ubuntu install with kde.

kubuntu suffers from the same problem that all debian distros suffer from. first off the latest kubuntu itself was out of date. i have yet to install any debian based distro that didn't have to pull down more updates after the install.

then of course there is the debian philosophy that older buggier software is more stable.

i finally had to wipe the kubuntu install because i couldn't compile vim with gui support. i just couldn't seem to pull down enough libs for the configure to find what it needed. if i want to do that much work with linux i'll just work up an LFS.

in contrast to that, i installed xubuntu, and found it much easier to work with. i'll keep with that to see how it goes.

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