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Friday, December 01, 2006

freeguide again

i mentioned a while back that i accidently got freeguide working.

i thought i would try the same process to get a version running under ubuntu.

no such luck. you need xmltv installed. you can get that through the package manager. you need java installed. you can get that through the package manager also.

and then you install the freeguide .deb file.

it should work, but a few hundred java errors come up.

i dunno. how about using a real language, so all i have to do is ./configure , make, and then make install.

i can't imagine how the freeguide code is easy to maintain.

i also can't express how much i think java sucks. it's quite possibly the suckingest thing that ever sucked...

oh, and it's slow and bloated too. snrk.

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