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Friday, June 23, 2006

roving swarm

i mentioned here my frustation with divx when getting files from .

since i posted that i'm STILL trying to get three movies [as i type this they're at 6.8%, 24.9%, and 27.8% complete]. utorrent  [that's "u" as in micro] has been running for weeks.  i was thinking yesterday that i can't be the only one who's having this problem with obscure torrents.

so i think i have a solution. it's called a "roving swarm". if something legitimate like this already exists i couldn't find it. basically, it's a group of users running  a bitorrent client. google for a good one, i use utorrent. and what they do is take a users request and "migrate the swarm" over to that torrent. once the person requesting the file has it, he leaves a message on a mailing list and the users in the group can remove the torrent data, and wait for the next request.

obviously anybody requesting copyrighted software is removed from the group.

does this sound altruistic? well, yeah, it's a white hat kind of operation. the whole idea to get large legitimate files, quickly. it has the side benefit of showing isp's that p2p programs can actually be used for something good. it will also show the real power of the bitorrent protocol.

if bitorrent is something you'd like to get into but thought the clients were too hard to set up, then just get the latest opera 9 browser, it has torrent client built in.

if you've ever had to wait for a large and lumbering torrent  if  you're just interested then join up at roving_swarm.

even if there were just 25 of us it would make a significant impact. more and we could handle more requests at a time. i have some other thoughts on the whole process, but i'll wait to see how successful it is.

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