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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


crankygeeks ep #11 was about myspace. everyone there over 15 thought myspace was a fad and not well done at that. the ryder stacy guy (if that's your real name, snrk) like, thought it was like, the coolest, like thing, like for kids, like you know?

i didn't count the number of "likes" he used to express himself, but, like, it was  LOT.

he mentioned about this maddox guy who had more power on the internet then coca-cola. if you're under 15 you'll disagree with me. snrk.

i'll admit. some of maddox's  stuff was funny. most of it was contrived. he seems a lot more concerned with pop culture than any adult is, and it looks like he'll eventually degenerate into sarcastic blogs that cut up his hate email.

if maddox ever decides to envision himself as more powerful than coca-cola, he'll add oh, an rss feed. although now that i think about it. 90% of his audience might not know what to do with it.

either way, the vented spleen has 5 years on him for that kind blog (ie. venting your spleen) via the dialup bbs.

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