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Friday, June 30, 2006

knoppix 5.0

from version 3.2 of  knoppix onwards i haven't been able to boot on an old pII/350. could be the hardware was too old to work with the updated changes on the knoppix cd.

after googling around i was lead to  smart boot manager. this got me to the knoppix boot prompt and i was able to boot from there.

there's been a lot of changes since the v3.1 i had hanging around. all positive as far as i can tell. with the flakey hd's on that machine, i have knoppix as the default os.

while i was working with live cd's i tried goblin mini, and it wasn't ready for primetime. also tried (and liked) the afterlive cd. burnt that to a mini-cd. it will be added to the list of tools i need to carry around.

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