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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

msn spaces

i kinda wish microsoft would stop playing follow the leader. they're failing badly.

things they screwd up: email (hotmail), instant messaging (messenger), and now blogging (msn spaces, windows live, or wtf they're calling it this week).

i went to make a quickie post saying i was in the middle of a move and would blog things later and noticed that windows live had screwed up the look on my browser. on all three of the browsers i have installed. apparently it looks ok to others so i guess that's not the worse thing.

what you SHOULD be seeing on my spaces page. is two even columns, blog on the left side and archives on the right.

i noticed a few weeks ago that i could no longer see the comments. i have them enabled but i have no way of reading them without logging in to edit the settings.

if there's a secret, email me ('cause i sure can't read the friggin' comment)

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