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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

baseball cap kid

if you spend any kind of time on the interweb by now you've probably come across youtube and probably that kid with the baseball cap playing pacabel's canon on guitar (arrangement by jerryc).

i originally saw it from dvorak's blog and read all the slashdot likeĀ  comments (ie. stupid things like what slashdotters post. some idiot said the kid was just faking it. and someone else thankfully pointed out that if he could fake it that well he might as well be playing it for real.

curiosity got the better of me so i went over to youtube and searched for some of the others playing the same thing:

the guy who lights the cigarette had too much distortion on his guitar...and he made mistakes.

the guy who rolled (oh this is so easy a child could play it) his eyes had too much distortion...and he made mistakes.

jerryc himself made mistakes, and like the others i mentioned he was a poser.

as far as i'm concerned if you make that stupid devil's rock n roll horn thing (at any time when music is involved) with your index and baby finger you should immediately have them both pulled off with a pair of pliers. notice i didn't say CUT off. snrk.

the baseball cap kid makes mistakes too. but he's such a good guitar player he managed to cover them up and you really have to look to catch them.

one of the more interesting versions was a guy playing the tune with an acoustic guitar and mainly using hammer ons and pull offs.

it's refreshing to see a kid with that kind of talent. he's better than a lot of guitar players who get paid money to drink until they puke on stage.

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