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Sunday, March 18, 2007


a couple of months ago i bought and ipod nano. i still like the iriver mp3 player, but anybody who owns one knows that the interface is horrendous to use. because i only had the 256 meg model i didn't do a lot of mp3 transfers with it. my biggest use was listening to the radio with the built in fm tuner. the nano made it more convenient to transfer and navigate.

up to a month or so ago i'd completely avoided podcasts. i have to read enough idiot content on the weeb, i didn't want to hear it also. patrick norton of dltv fame mentioned the TWIT podcast. twit is hosted by leo laporte who used to host the sceensavers and still does call for help. i've never watched call for help as it was mainly clueless windows users who got themselves into trouble or for some reason didn't know about or couldn't find google.

anyway, i downloaded a few ep's of twit and i was hooked, both on the show and with podcasting in general. i found it was too time consuming to watch dltv and cranky geeks, so i started listening to the audio only podcast of those shows. i've since added security now. i'm behind on all of them, taking me a while to catch up but i'm enjoying them a lot.

i'm not likely to start my own podcast. not really in my personality, and i know bandwidth could become an issue.

anyway, if you miss the old screensavers you can get the same thing with twit and dltv, and if miss the old techtv show silicon spin you can get the same thing with cranky geeks.

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