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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


lately i'm finding that if i can use firefox to perform the same function as a desktop program i'll go the firefox way. which is to say the ajax way.

i use gmail and yahoomail via their respective  web sites. my real email account is web based.

 now that i have a writely account [and many thanks to the kind soul who invited me] i don't really need a word processor installed. i don't think i would write code in writely, but it will work for all the word processing i do.

i used to use the blogger and msn spaces sites themselve and cut and past from tkblog.

but now i just use qumana and tkblog.

lately i've been reading my newsgroups via newega. not fancy but it works for casual reading/writing. it probably won't replace agent for me.

and after watching ep #56 of i found out about meebo. now i can use firefox and meebo to do any im'ing. i have firefox running all the time anyway.

somebody on the meebo forums said firefox was overrated. i bet all IE users say that before their machine gets owned. snrk.

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