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Friday, December 30, 2005

norton's goback

forgot to mention yesterday that one of the things i tried was an internet security suite offered for free from my isp. it's some kind of deal they have with the  f-secure guys.

after installing it, the only real "feature" i could see was rebooting continually on a reboot. i did that twice before using  norton's goback.

the cost is $49.95. let me tell you, the first time bill's software has hosed ALL your tweaking and installed applications and you're dreading the reinstalling of EVERYTYHING, you won't even think twice about what you paid for it. amof, you're going to think that was a steal.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


zonealarm decided to act up on me today for no reason.

i've had various problems with it. i've moved up an down in version numbers, but i've come to the conclusion the effort just isn't worth it. so uninstalled. never to be used again. ever.

enter kerio personal firewall   the deal they have till march 31, 2006 is hard to pass up

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

pretentious wankers

i think it's funny when  your average movie goer who happens to have a web site (or any online forum) decides s/he's a Movie Critic and starts reviewing movies they've just seen.

one of the worst offenders was/is   the filthy critic.

for a guy who's claimed (i say 'claimed' as it's clear there's some movies he's reviewed and definitely NOT seen) to see a lot of movies he's generally clueless to the purpose, plot, and everything else about a movie. i've mentioned this a few times before.

anyway i just read a 'review' of a movie today that said  king kong was the funniest movies he'd seen.

everyone pretty much knows the beauty and the beast plot, so there's no suprise there. peter jackson probably has his own take on it as well (i'll be seeing the movie sometime in the next 2 weeks).

i'm assuming (yeah i know , i know) that the 'reviewers' knew they were going to see a big budget special effects movie. folks that only means one thing. consider it a fringe benefit if there's any plot. consider it a bonus if there's any real acting.

if you assume anything else you're a pretentious wanker and shouldn't be allowed to go see movies you don't get.

Friday, December 16, 2005


that moron 50cent was in canada the other day.

an agent of our Ministry of Bad Music  tried to stop him at the airport but was unable to.

maybe 50cent just shot him. snrk.

harper's not so hidden agenda

surfing around looking for watchdog websites for the various canadian political parties.

as expected i found blogs where the author thought stephen harper would be good for canada.

i just assumed that the poster was under 30. otherwise he was a hypocrit...unless he actually AGREED with the suppression of our freedoms as outlined in the canadian charter of rights.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

triple blogs

it's probably just a matter of time before i get tired of doing it, but for the last few months i've been duping my blog to my blogger and and msn spaces blog.

i can do it all from firefox v1.5 between, an extension, gmail and a link on my navigation bar that fires up tkblog

Blogger Web Comments for Firefox

i think i missed the point of googles new "blogger web comment" tool. on any blog read on blogger it seems to be useless...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

late fees = no late fees

up in here in the gwn blockbuster has "removed" late fees.

in reality the process goes something like this

  • you rent the movie

  • actually you bought the movie you just rented

  • if returned before 7 days are up the "sale" reverts back to rental

  • if returned within 30 days there's a $1.75 "restocking" fee.

  • and to clarify thats: RESTOCKING. that extra $1.75 is a fee that is in no way related to you being 29 days late with the movie.