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Sunday, April 30, 2006

duping blogs

i was asked by someone why i'm duping my blog to 2 other places:

when originally wrote tkblog there was no other software [that i could google] that did the same thing [ie. standalone, cross-platform, free]. i had to settle for any two of those attributes :)

i only wrote tkblog because blogger had a broken account set up. now of course, you can trip on a blogging program because blogging is even bigger now than it was when i started. msn spaces makes a blog more like a home page and can be set up in less than 10 minutes.

tkblog is 4 years old now. the current beta adds a few features, but definitely can't compete with something like qumana. i think it's ok  for someone who's isp gives them  web space but not much else, or even someone who runs their own server but doesn't want to bother with perl/php based blogs and the associated back ends.

one one person actually added some code for inline images and tweaked the rss feed code (which has been tweaked and tweaked as the standard changes). for the most part i can probably name tkblog users on one hand...

obviously i feel a certain loyalty to tkblog and i'll still support those using it,  but it was written out of necessity and was a good learning experience.

one of the reasons  for duping on blogger and msn spaces is that the archiving is much better than tkblog's. both tkblog and blogger allow you to customize that the html/css level. that's both an advantage and disadvantage depending on your level of expertise. . msn spaces has better templates, and the setup is probably much better for newbies.

i'm counting on the longevity of blogger and msn spaces over my isp or any third part hosting company  for that matter.

for a java app qumana is faster than i thought it would be, although it does take a few seconds to fire up.

Powered by Qumana


microsoft has been playing monopoly again. this time they've decided that emailing your blog to msn spaces via google will be a hit or miss thing. so far i've had two misses so that's why i'm trying out qumana

Powered by Qumana

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

half mast

when it comes to fallen canadian soldiers the prime minister has decided to "return to tradition" and NOT honour them by flying flags at half mast.

instead, the soldiers' families can wait for the governent's respect on rememberance day.

7 months from now.

it's not like the soldiers gave their lives or anything...oh wait, they did.

i guess my first question is: what does bono think of this? and what's he doing to change it?

stephen harper 0
bono's ego 1

bono: frankly, i'm.... "i'm mystified by the man"

i wonder how many canadian solders will have to die in dubya's war before the canadian people do something about it.

well, just a sec, they DID do something about it. they voted harper in.

how's it working out for you guys?

Sunday, April 23, 2006


so. vcd's.

my intention was to burn dltv ep's to vcd so i could watch them more comfortable on my tv and not my computer.

why vcd's instead of dvd'?. two reasons mainly; one, dvd's were total overkill for what i wanted to do. and two, i don't have a dvd burner on the computer in quesiton. i'll likely NEVER have a dvd burner on a computer by choice. i have no need for one.

anyway, it turns out that various movie exectutives, the government, and the authors of ripping software were pretty sure i was going to turn the entire star wars saga into 25 or 30 vcd's.

i guess they don't realize that anybody interested in the special effects of these movies are NOT going to reduce the quality to get them on 25 vcd's

but that didn't make the software hard to find. i eventually settled on a shareware program called super dvd creator it lets me create vcd's from a variety of media formats. all from one program that was handy so that was an easy choice to register.

i found a suite of programs to rip dvd's to vcd's called eazyvcd, but i have no reason to use it.

one thing i learned is that doing something like this for free is going to have you excersizing your google skills. if you don't mind paying a shareware fee, it's a lot simpler.

simpler worked for me.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

patrick norton

every now and then i'd google around to see if patrick norton had finally started a regular blog yet. the last one i saw was here but as you can see that's over a year old...

ever since the tv execs of techtv turned it into a video gaming network [snrk] all the regulars ran from it and the whole thing is unwatchable if you're over 6 years old.

the good news is that i DID find patrick norton at and he's there doing what he does best.

the offshoot of finding was getting into vcd's so i would watch the ep's at night at my own convenience.

more on vcd's next blog...