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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

beta's and spam

saw that there was a new release of firefox [1.07] thought i would update. decided to try out the 1.5 beta 1 also.

more than half my extensions didn't work, so i just gave it a few minutes and then gave up on it. i'll stick with 1.07. unfortunatley 1.5b1 screwed up enough of the settings so that 1.07 had severe display problems. reinstalling didn't help.

norton go back to the rescue. that's twice now that the program has saved by butt.

thought i would blog my experience, and as i dupe this blog on and msn spaces, i check to see if any new comments have been left there. turns out that allows a new type of spam based on comments.

i've gotten two of these on my blog. i think i see now why you can set to disallow anonymous comments...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

missing the boat

looks like opera is now free.

it's interesting that this comes on the heels of mozilla foundation setting up a separate entity to handle the money they've been making from the free firefox/thunderbird/mozilla.

i will probably install the new opera to try it out. i'm unlikely to use it though. i've gotten use to the power of firefox and it's extensions. i don't want to give that up.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


a few weeks ago i wanted to fire up my seti@home client again...
turns out that boinc is the "recommended" version.

apparently you can link your "classic seti" account with the new boinc one.

after a number of 'wrong email' and 'wrong password' error pages, on the "account activation" page, came to the conclusion that you can't. so the 1300 WU [work units] from my "classic" account are lost.

which is probably a good thing anyway because i don't know wtf the new "credit" system actually translates to. yeah, there's a page explaining it. i'm not sure that giving 16.73 credits for wu is an improvement over 1 wu credit given for wu worth of work though. could be just me [snrk]

Sunday, September 11, 2005


microsoft is going to have 7 different versions of windows. that one gets a [snrk] all on it's own.

so does that mean:

  • 7 different eula's?

  • 7 different versions of office?

  • 7 different versions of each virus?
  • Thursday, September 08, 2005

    celebrity blogs

    today i thought i would grab some rss feeds from celebrity blogs. so i hit google looking for blogs to tap.

    every celebrity bloglist i found listed the same 7-10.

    and all the "best celebrity blog" lists i found listed...the exact same 7-10.

    looks like wil [war is bad] wheaton's is one of the favorites.

    bill maher had a good blog (left wing that it was) but that disappeared. i think he really wrote his and it was not ghost written by his assistant (like the other 7-10 are)

    it's too bad harlan ellison didn't have one. that would be a great blog

    but he doesn't believe in computers in general, or in the internet. that's ok mr. ellison, the internet believes in you. :)

    Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    the world is safe

    after single-handedly saving iraq, sean penn decides to save new orleans (yes, singlehandedly also)

    he was shown how to do it properly when he needed rescuing himself

    somebody at the academy forgot to tell mr. penn that the golden statuette was for acting

    personally, i don't know why the tree huggers, anti-nuke, anti-war, pro-lifers are worried when it's pretty clear to me that both sean penn and bono are going to save the world. [snrk]